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    Pseudonymization of information in network data


  • NEW:

    Identification and analysis of fraud or abuse cases for VoIP



Network under control, Services running, Systems secure

Make use of information within your own network to minimize risk, reduce costs and increase user satisfaction.

Nowadays, nearly every enterprise requires IT systems in order to operate successfully and competitively.
The success of the company also becomes linked with the performance and dependability of the network and the critical business applications. 

caplon© systems monitor quality, availability, integrity and the performance of your network and your critical business applications - data privacy included.

The modern construction, flexible system architecture, purely passive data acquisition and the focus on essentials enable:

    • A quick return on investment
    • Short training and quick learning
    • A wide range of use with scalable and extendable products
    • Professional support direct from the German producer
    • Simple adaptation to individual tasks without the need for software development
    • Open interfaces for connecting to or integrating in third-party systems
    • Ample possibilities for integrating automated text systems
    • Extensive regard for data privacy issues

    An individually configurable, extendable appliance – multiple areas of use



    caplon tracing

    The reliable data collector - privacy included

    Our caplon© tracing appliance is a professional tool for complete, loss-free recording of network data. Filter, save, decode and visualize all network data for efficient problem analyses and fast error searches.

    Thanks to its modular configuration levels, the caplon© appliance helps you reduce down time and lower costs.

    The easy-to-use web GUI for administration, multi-user capability, sophisticated authorization concept, and comprehensive filtering capabilities are extremely valuable in practice.

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    caplon voip monitoring

    General overview and full transparency in VoIP networks

    caplon© voip monitoring is a simple, easily integrated system to localize problems with your data services and availability sport-on in order to correct faults effectively.

    The intuitive web interface is setting new handling standards and the architecture offers a custom-fitting, individual solution in accordance with the performance criteria.

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    Please also read the case study “Accelerated fault analysis in case of VoIP connection issues” at the ecotel communication ag. (German)

    caplon fraud detection

    Identification and analysis of fraud or abuse cases in real time

    The module fraud detection is an enhancement of the caplon© VoIP Monitoring appliance for fraud detection.
    The analysis is based on the signalling information provided by the VoIP monitoring appliance and provides information in real time. Further features are the straightforward creation and adaption of rules for fraud detection and the clear presentation of alarms with extensive drill-down functions.
    Calls affected by the fraud can be terminated manually or automatically depending on the configuration.

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    caplon service monitoring

    Detecting problems before costs occur.

    Keep an eye on performance, standard behavior, KPIs, and SLAs. Our caplon© service monitoring appliance enables you to proactively detect looming problems or performance bottlenecks without having to actively intervene in your systems. It can be integrated easily and quickly, including data protection.
    Whether in webshops, IT-supported processes, or data services, speed and smooth processes play a critical role.
    With the caplon© service monitoring appliance you avoid outages and loss in sales, while increasing customer satisfaction.

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    Produktinnovation: caplon privacy protection

    Pseudonymisierung von Informationen in Netzwerkdaten

    Mit dem Feature caplon© Privacy Protection können personenbezogene Daten durch Pseuodonymisierung geschützt werden. Trotzdem sind Techniker noch in der Lage, Probleme zu erkennen und zu lösen. Die Privacy Protection-Technologie setzt hohe Hürden gegen Datenmissbrauch, bietet mehr Rechtssicherheit sowie praktikable Ansätze beim Arbeiten mit Dienstleisterketten und ermöglicht schnellere Problemlösungen sowie Vermeidung von Ausfällen.
    Diese Produktinnovation ist einzigartig und setzt Maßstäbe in Punkto Datenschutz bei Tracing- und Monitoring Lösungen. caplon© Privacy Protection bietet Kunden den bestmöglichen Datenschutz unter Einhaltung ihrer Analysevorgaben.

    Die Technologie wurde entwickelt in Zusammenarbeit mit dem CISPA, dem Center for IT-Security, Privacy and Accountability. Prof. Dr. Michael Backes - Mitglied des Beirats der consistec - ist einer der führenden Forscher weltweit im Bereich Informationssicherheit und Kryptografie.

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    caplon alarming

    The alarm system for your network

    caplon© alarming actively informs you when problems arise in your service, your network or in a caplon© system. You can freely choose the means and the form in which you wish to be informed. In addition, you will keep all critical parameters and measurement values in view via individually definable dashboards.

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    caplon automation

    The remote control for caplon systems

    With caplon© automation, you can operate caplon© systems by remote control via open, standardized REST-API, providing automated network data traffic collection and analysis.

    Application areas:

    • Test automation
    • Automated network and service monitoring
    • Possible savings by test automation: simple integration of caplon©-systems into existing test automation surroundings
    • Increasing efficiency by establishing automated network- or service monitoring


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    caplon network recorder

    The flight recorder for your network

    The caplon© network recorder provides the means to perform post-mortem analyses for security incidents and network problems by continuous inference, which also helps solve sporadic problems easily. Improve the quality and speed of your services and avoid a loss of revenue and reputation due to dissatisfied customers and frustrated employees.


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    coming soon (2nd quarter 2017):
    caplon joint trace analysis

    Bild: Icon caplon joint trace analysis

    efficient analysis  of trade data in distributed teams

    Network with our experts and use their knowledge efficiently to analyze errors. Our joint trace analysis module is the ideal tool for analyzing problems in data services. It links together experts in various systems at different locations for error analysis. Users can access the same data, annotate it, and invite colleagues to add their analysis, all through an easy-to-use web interface. And thanks to a sophisticated authorization system, external partners and suppliers can be linked in without the risk of data misuse.

    You control what your service providers see!