Advisory board

Advisory board at consistec

Dr. Hanspeter Georgi, Saarland Minister of Economics and Labour ret. and former managing director of the IHK Saarland supports us as an important initiator and by his large network.

Dr. Hanspeter Georgi

In the 70s, Dr. Hanspeter Georgi worked in the financial and investment planning department of an automotive company. He then headed the transport department of the Saarland Chamber of Industry and Commerce and became its Managing Director in 1989. Georgi was Saarland Minister of Economics in the cabinet of Müller I (1999-2004). In the Müller II cabinet he was Minister of Economy and Labour until August 2007.

Dr. Georgi's commitment has been and continues to be focused above all on upgrading Saarland as a business location, cooperation in the greater SaarLorLux region, the further development of vocational training and dialogue between business and schools. Further focal points of his work are, among others: Saarland Offensive for founders, Small and medium-sized enterprises / financing, reorganization and repositioning of the SIKB, innovation strategy, training place initiative, location marketing and the development of the region into a tourism region. He was co-founder of the Wirtschaftsjunioren Saarland and is also a member of various committees at regional and supra-regional level.