caplon fraud prevention

Real-time detection and analysis of fraud scenarios

The fraud prevention module is an add-on to the caplon© VoIP Monitoring Appliance for fraud detection. The analysis is based on the signaling information provided by the VoIP Monitoring Appliance and is therefore performed in real time. Further special features are the simple creation or modification of rules for fraud detection and the clear presentation of alarms with extensive drill-down options. Calls affected by fraud can be blocked automatically or manually depending on the corresponding configuration.

Real-time detection of fraud cases

  • Fraud detection based on real-time signaling data ("hot billing")
  • Integration of further information sources (CDRs, customer DBs, price lists,...) via open interfaces
  • Detection of typical fraud scenarios, such as
    • Wangiri calls that regularly lead to unsuccessful calls
    • Concurrent calls with the same A and/or B number (looping)
    • Remarkably high number of calls abroad or to certain zones for a dedicated phone number
    • Detection of FAS (False Answer Supervision)
    • PING calls in preparation for a fraud case, to see which targets are reachable from a hacked Fritzbox, for example
    • and much more

Detection of anomalies & deviations from customer-specific call profiles

  • Fraud rules can be defined based on fixed thresholds, e.g. "cost for a call >50 €" or based on historical values, e.g. "cost for a customer for calls to high risk destinations twice as high as normal and at least 20 €".
  • The system learns normal behaviour for individual customers.
  • After a learning phase, the system can differentiate, for example, whether calls to a high risk destination are highly likely to be a fraud case or whether these calls correspond to a normal behaviour (e.g. company makes export to Cuba).

Detect and prevent fraud cases at an early stage via active alarming

  • Intuitive creation of rules via a convenient rule wizard, which generates an alarm if a rule is violated
  • Check of absolute threshold values or comparison to historical values
  • Individual monitoring per customer and/or carrier by specific rule creation
  • Immediate information about problems by alerting via UI, e-mail or SNMP
  • Provision of hooks to actively block fraud calls in soft switches

Alarm lists with details and drill-down analyses

  • Display of alarms in an alarm list with the option of confirming them or marking them as false alarms.
  • Fine-grained and comprehensive statistics on individual carriers and customers
  • Link between a fraud alarm and the corresponding calls