caplon privacy protection

caplon privacy protection – Pseudonymization of information in network data

With the caplon© privacy protection module, personal data, critical information concerning infrastructure and company know-how can be protected by pseudonymising network data.

Identification features, IP addresses and port numbers etc. are consistently modified in order to allow technicians to identify and solve problems without having access to person-related data.

The extension of the caplon© product line by the Privacy Protection technology sets high barriers against data misuse, provides more legal security and practicable approaches when working with service provider chains.


  • Finely granular data protection rules up to and including Layer 7
    • Alienation of protocol-specific header fields, such as contract numbers of customers
    • Alienation of information on the lower layers, such as IP addresses/subnets, ports, etc.
    • Alienation of time stamps
  • Network data can also be further used as pcap files after pseudonymisation (e.g. with Wireshark).
    This enables the transfer of network data to service providers for troubleshooting scenarios with a significantly reduced risk of data misuse.