Software Developer Java Backend

Developers Java Backend (m/f/d)

Would you like to develop ?

  • JAVA
  • backend systems
  • SQL databases
  • Web services


  •     have a good knowledge of at least one of the subjects mentioned,
  •     have fun with agile development (e.g. SCRUM & Test Driven Development),
  •     have a taste for new technologies,
  •     work independently, result-oriented and enjoy working in small teams,
  •     have communication skills?

    Fancy a day at consistec?

    package de.consistec.jobad;

    import java.util.List;

    public class DayAtConsistec { Consistec consistec = new Consistec(); Candidate YOU = new Candidate(); Developer gamingGuy = new Developer(); Developer mathematician = new Developer(); Developer jokingGuy = new Developer(); Developer doctorD = new Developer(); Developer lateGuy = new Developer(); List<Developer> colleagues = consistec.getColleagues();
    public static void main(String[] args) { new DayAtConsistec().start(); } public void start() { YOU.canBeAnyoneOf(gamingGuy, mathematician, jokingGuy, lateGuy); gamingGuy.arrivesAt(consistec); mathematician.arrivesAt(consistec); jokingGuy.arrivesAt(consistec).tellsJoke(); doctorD.arrivesAt(consistec); gamingGuy.drinksCoffeeWith(jokingGuy, mathematician).orTea();
    if (consistec.isCakeAvailable()) { colleagues.forEach(Developer::eatsCake); } while (Day.untilNoon()) { gamingGuy.worksWith(mathematician, jokingGuy);doctorD.helpsCoding(gamingGuy); jokingGuy.tellsJoke();
    if (Day.isTime() || Code.isCompiling()) { gamingGuy.philosophizeOverArchitectureWith(mathematician) .whileDrinkingCoffee(); }
    if (Day.isLate() && lateGuy.isNotAt(consistec)) { lateGuy.arrivesAt(consistec); }
    if (jokingGuy.foundFunnyThingsInInternet()) { gamingGuy.lookAtFunnyThingsInInternet(); jokingGuy.tellsJoke(); } } gamingGuy.eatWithColleges(colleagues); jokingGuy.tellsManyJokes(); gamingGuy.drinksCoffeeWith(jokingGuy, doctorD);
    if (gamingGuy.hadLongNightGaming()) { gamingGuy.takeNap(); jokingGuy.tellsJoke(); } while (Day.untilEvening() || Code.isWorkFinished()) { mathematician.worksWith(jokingGuy); jokingGuy.solvesBugsOf(mathematician);
    if (Day.isTime() && gamingGuy.hadLongNightGaming()) { gamingGuy.drinkAnotherCoffee(); } mathematician.helpsCoding(gamingGuy); } jokingGuy.leave(consistec);
    if (consistec.isBoardGameEvening()) { gamingGuy.canPlayWith(colleagues);
    if (Day.isTime()) gamingGuy.drinkAnotherCoffee(); } gamingGuy.leave(consistec); mathematician.leave(consistec);
    while (Day.untilNight()) {; } lateGuy.leave(consistec); } }


    Curious? We look forward to hearing from you.

    Place of exercise: Saarbrücken

    Please send your complete application documents by e-mail to: bewerbungconsistec.NJU8#7TZF7de.

    Contact person: Dr. Dirk Leinenbach


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