Software Developer UI

Frontend Developer UI/UX (m/f/d)

Interested in developing modern web applications in an agile environment?

With our innovative products in the area of service and security monitoring, we analyze network data to help our customers identify performance bottlenecks, cyber attacks, faults and anomalies.

We make the same innovative demands on the customer experience with our web interface, which we are constantly developing further with state-of-the-art technologies. Design, usability, simple and intuitive workflows, but also a high-performance connection to the backend play an important role.

The web interface is developed as a single-page application in Typescript and React. Data is visualized with SVG. The connection to the backend is done via REST-based interfaces.


  • find the diverse tasks in web development for advanced technology exciting,
  • have a knack for best practice code, UX/UI and modern web design solutions,
  • ideally have experience with CI mechanisms in the front-end area (build, automated tests etc.),
  • have fun with agile development (e.g. SCRUM & Test Driven Development),
  • have a taste for new technologies,
  • work independently, result-oriented and enjoy working in small teams?
    public class ConsistecJobAd {
         * Hire new developers for consistec
         * @see <a href="">
         * consistec homepage</a>
        public static void hire() {
            while (CandidatePool.isNotEmpty()) {
                    .whoAreMostOf(ENTHUSIASTIC, CLEAN_CODE_LOVER, OPEN_MINDED,
                            SOLUTION_ORIENTED, TEAMPLAYER)
                    .whoHaveIdeallyExperienceIn(TELECOMMUNICATION, TEST_AUTOMATION,


    Fancy consistec?

    Place of exercise: Saarbrücken

    Please send your complete application documents by e-mail to: bewerbungconsistec.NJU8#7TZF7de.

    Contact person: Dr. Dirk Leinenbach


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