Software Developer C++

Developers C++ (m/f/d)

Interested in

  • the development of highly optimized Linux software in C++ for real-time processing of data in the gigabit/s range,
  • the connection of GPUs, FPGA accelerators and special hardware for high performance processing of network data,
  • the implementation of concurrent processes with shared memory and lock-free data structures,
  • coining our C++ development with current C++ standards and modern tools for performance analysis?

We prefer existing solutions, but are not tied to specific technologies. Our developers decide what makes sense for us next!

Depending on the application, our data is stored in conventional SQL databases (such as PostgreSQL), in key value stores (e.g. Redis) or in a document index (such as Elastic Search). For data exchange we use Protobuf or JSON. The technologies and applications are boundless.Ideas explicitly welcome.

Interested in

  • a working environment where ideas are welcome, with the freedom to develop individually and actively participate,
  • a cooperation on product innovations and new technologies,
  • agile development in an agile company that is oriented towards sustainable growth?
    public class ConsistecJobAd {
         * Hire new developers for consistec
         * @see <a href="">
         * consistec homepage</a>
        public static void hire() {
            while (CandidatePool.isNotEmpty()) {
                    .whoAreMostOf(ENTHUSIASTIC, CLEAN_CODE_LOVER, OPEN_MINDED,
                            SOLUTION_ORIENTED, TEAMPLAYER)
                    .whoHaveIdeallyExperienceIn(TELECOMMUNICATION, TEST_AUTOMATION,


    We look forward to hearing from you.

    Place of exercise: Saarbrücken

    Please send your complete application documents by e-mail to: bewerbungconsistec.NJU8#7TZF7de.

    Contact person: Dr. Dirk Leinenbach


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